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Advanced Legal Research/Studies, General

Advanced Legal Research/Studies, General
Leading Advanced Legal Research/Studies, General Schools
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School   (degrees awarded)
Columbia University   (274 Masters degrees)
Harvard University   (179 Masters degrees)
University of California-Berkeley   (168 Masters degrees)
Georgetown University   (108 Masters degrees)
James Madison University   (96 Bachelors degrees)
University of California-Los Angeles   (91 Masters degrees)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign   (80 Masters degrees)
University of Chicago   (68 Masters degrees)
Stanford University   (61 PhD research/scholarship degrees)
The University of Texas at Austin   (46 Masters degrees)
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor   (32 Masters degrees)
Yale University   (30 Masters degrees)
George Washington University   (28 Masters degrees)
Emory University   (27 Masters degrees)
Western New England University   (24 Masters degrees)
Arizona State University   (22 Masters degrees)
University of Akron Main Campus   (18 Post Masters certificate degrees)
University of Notre Dame   (16 Masters degrees)
Stetson University   (14 Post Masters certificate degrees)
Champlain College   (13 Masters degrees)
Harvard University   (13 PhD research/scholarship degrees)
University at Buffalo   (12 PhD other degrees)
University of Connecticut   (11 Masters degrees)
University of Georgia   (10 Masters degrees)
University of Missouri-Kansas City   (10 Masters degrees)
University of Colorado Boulder   (9 Masters degrees)
Tulane University of Louisiana   (9 Masters degrees)
Yale University   (8 PhD research/scholarship degrees)
Indiana University-Bloomington   (8 PhD research/scholarship degrees)
Louisiana State University   (8 Post Masters certificate degrees)
Advanced Legal Research/Studies, General Description

An integrated or undifferentiated program in one or more of the legal research or advanced practice fields.

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