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Boston University is a very large (over 20,000 students) private, not for profit, 4 year or above school located in New England in a large city setting. The highest degree offered is a Doctor's degree and the school is comprised of a majority of undergraduates. The most popular areas of study at Boston University include: Business Administration and Management, General with 662 Bachelors awards; Business Administration and Management, General with 497 Masters awards; Communication and Media Studies with 311 Bachelors awards; Communication, General with 311 Bachelors awards; Law with 273 PhD professional practice awards;. Boston University is located at One Silber Way in Boston, MA 2215.

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Boston University Facts

Boston University is located at One Silber Way in Boston, MA 2215

Total Applicants: 41,802
Percent Admitted: 49%
Dorm Capacity: 11,376
Graduation Rate: 85%
Retention Rate: 92%
Undergrads Between 18 - 24: 97%
Undergrads Between 25 - 64: 3%

Boston University telephone number: (617) 353-2000

Boston University is also known as BU, Boston U

The highest degree offered is: Doctor's degree - research/scholarship and professional practice

Boston University Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees: $42,994
Total Cost In State: $59,100
Total Cost Out of State: $59,100

Admissions stats for Boston University

Ok, so you're thinking about applying to Boston University? Your chances of getting admitted are 49%. And, there are a total of 41,802 applicants.

Student Demographics at Boston University
Boston University Demographics
Totals: 9,330
     Males: 3,990 (43% of total)
     Females: 5,340 (57% of total)
Asians: 948
     Asian Males: 410 (4% of total)
     Asian Females: 538 (6% of total)
Blacks: 294
     Black Males: 114 (1% of total)
     Black Females: 180 (2% of total)
Hispanics: 536
     Hispanic Males: 204 (2% of total)
     Hispanic Females: 332 (4% of total)
Native Americans: 17
     Native American Males: 7 (0% of total)
     Native American Females: 10 (0% of total)
Hawaiians: 18
     Hawaiian Males: 5 (0% of total)
     Hawaiian Females: 13 (0% of total)
Mixed Race: 171
     Mixed Race Males: 67 (1% of total)
     Mixed Race Females: 104 (1% of total)
Whites: 4,812
     White Males: 1,967 (21% of total)
     White Females: 2,845 (30% of total)
Foreign Students: 1,416
     Foreign Males: 699 (7% of total)
     Foreign Females: 717 (8% of total)
Most Popular Majors at Boston University
Area of Study  (degrees awarded)
Business Administration and Management, General
(662 Bachelors degrees)
Business Administration and Management, General
(497 Masters degrees)
Communication and Media Studies
(311 Bachelors degrees)
Communication, General
(311 Bachelors degrees)
(273 PhD professional practice degrees)
Psychology, General
(269 Bachelors degrees)
International Relations and Affairs
(256 Bachelors degrees)
Health/Health Care Administration/Management
(233 Masters degrees)
Information Science/Studies
(231 Masters degrees)
Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Other
(189 Masters degrees)
Music Teacher Education
(187 Masters degrees)
(184 PhD professional practice degrees)
(182 PhD professional practice degrees)
Economics, General
(175 Bachelors degrees)
Radio and Television
(164 Bachelors degrees)
Criminal Justice/Safety Studies
(155 Masters degrees)
Social Work
(152 Masters degrees)
Hospitality Administration/Management, General
(147 Bachelors degrees)
(142 Bachelors degrees)
Art Teacher Education
(123 Masters degrees)
Political Science and Government, General
(122 Bachelors degrees)
Biology/Biological Sciences, General
(121 Bachelors degrees)
English Language and Literature, General
(119 Bachelors degrees)
Business Administration, Management and Operations, Other
(111 Masters degrees)
Economics, General
(111 Masters degrees)
Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Professions, Other
(100 Bachelors degrees)
Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering
(94 Bachelors degrees)
Physical Therapy/Therapist
(91 PhD research/scholarship degrees)
Mechanical Engineering
(91 Bachelors degrees)
(88 Bachelors degrees)
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