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Brickmasons and Blockmasons

Brickmasons and Blockmasons

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Brickmasons and Blockmasons Description

Lay and bind building materials, such as brick, structural tile, concrete block, cinder block, glass block, and terra-cotta block, with mortar and other substances to construct or repair walls, partitions, arches, sewers, and other structures.

Brickmasons and Blockmasons Related Job Titles

Acid Tank Liner, Adobe Layer, Block Layer, Block Mason, Block Paver, Blockmason, Bottom Liner, Brick and Block Mason, Brick Chimney Builder, Brick Dropper, Brick Layer, Brick Mason, Brick Paver, Brick Pointer, Brick Setter, Bricklayer, Bricklayer Apprentice, Brickmason, Brickmason Apprentice, Casing Builder, Casing Man, Casing Worker, Chimney Builder, Chimney Mechanic, Chimney Repairer, Cinder Block Mason, Coke Oven Mason, Coke Oven Patcher, Concrete Block Layer, Concrete Block Mason, Concrete Finisher, Cupola Liner, Cupola Mechanic, Cupola Patcher, Door Liner, Duct Layer, Epoxy Specialist, Firebrick and Refractory Tile Bricklayer, Firebrick Layer, Fitter, Furnace Builder, Furnace Liner, Furnace Maintenance, Furnace Mason, Furnace Mechanic, Furnace Reliner, Gypsum Block Setter, Hot Top Liner, Kiln Car Repairer, Kiln Door Builder, Kiln Maintenance, Kiln Mechanic, Kiln Repairer, Ladle Builder, Ladle Liner, Ladle Mechanic, Ladle Patcher, Liner, Lining Mechanic, Manhole Builder, Mason, Mason Apprentice, Mason Liner, Masonry Installer, Oven Builder, Patcher, Permastone Mechanic, Plaster Block Layer, Pottery Kiln Builder, Refractory Bricklayer, Reliner, Segment Block Layer, Setter, Silo Erector, Smelter Liner, Spout Liner, Stopping Builder, Tender, Terra Cotta Mason, Terra Cotta Setter, Tunnel Kiln Repairer, Vessel Builder, Vessel Liner,

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Brickmasons and Blockmasons Tasks
Core Tasks
  • Construct corners by fastening in plumb position a corner pole or building a corner pyramid of bricks, and filling in between the corners using a line from corner to corner to guide each course, or layer, of brick.
  • Break or cut bricks, tiles, or blocks to size, using trowel edge, hammer, or power saw.
  • Remove excess mortar with trowels and hand tools, and finish mortar joints with jointing tools, for a sealed, uniform appearance.
  • Interpret blueprints and drawings to determine specifications and to calculate the materials required.
  • Lay and align bricks, blocks, or tiles to build or repair structures or high temperature equipment, such as cupola, kilns, ovens, or furnaces.
  • Mix specified amounts of sand, clay, dirt, or mortar powder with water to form refractory mixtures.
  • Calculate angles and courses and determine vertical and horizontal alignment of courses.
  • Clean working surface to remove scale, dust, soot, or chips of brick and mortar, using broom, wire brush, or scraper.
  • Apply and smooth mortar or other mixture over work surface.
  • Remove burned or damaged brick or mortar, using sledgehammer, crowbar, chipping gun, or chisel.
  • Measure distance from reference points and mark guidelines to lay out work, using plumb bobs and levels.
  • Fasten or fuse brick or other building material to structure with wire clamps, anchor holes, torch, or cement.
  • Examine brickwork or structure to determine need for repair.
Supplemental Tasks
  • Spray or spread refractory material over brickwork to protect against deterioration.

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