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Butchers and Meat Cutters

Butchers and Meat Cutters

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Related Areas of Study
Butchers and Meat Cutters Description

Cut, trim, or prepare consumer-sized portions of meat for use or sale in retail establishments.

Butchers and Meat Cutters Related Job Titles

Blockman, Butcher, Butcher Apprentice, Butcher Assistant, Cleaver, Halal Butcher, Journeyman Meat Cutter, Kosher Butcher, Market Manager, Meat Butcher, Meat Carver, Meat Clerk, Meat Counter Worker, Meat Cutter, Meat Cutter Apprentice, Meat Department Manager, Meat Dresser, Meat Loiner, Meat Manager, Meat Slicer, Meat Specialist, Meat Supervisor, Meat Wrapper, Meatman, Seafood and Service Meat Manager, Slicer, Small Order Cutter,

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Butchers and Meat Cutters Tasks
Core Tasks
  • Cut, trim, bone, tie, and grind meats, such as beef, pork, poultry, and fish, to prepare meat in cooking form.
  • Receive, inspect, and store meat upon delivery, to ensure meat quality.
  • Shape, lace, and tie roasts, using boning knife, skewer, and twine.
  • Wrap, weigh, label and price cuts of meat.
  • Prepare and place meat cuts and products in display counter, so they will appear attractive and catch the shopper's eye.
  • Prepare special cuts of meat ordered by customers.
Supplemental Tasks
  • Total sales, and collect money from customers.
  • Estimate requirements and order or requisition meat supplies to maintain inventories.
  • Supervise other butchers or meat cutters.
  • Record quantity of meat received and issued to cooks and/or keep records of meat sales.
  • Negotiate with representatives from supply companies to determine order details.
  • Cure, smoke, tenderize and preserve meat.

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