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Careers for people who Hate Math
Addition, subtraction, algebra - you'd be happy to never hear those words again. But is it really possible to find a career that doesn't involve some form of number crunching? We've got good news, math-haters. "There are many careers that don't require math," says Ellyn Enisman, founder of EKS Consultants Inc., a career coaching and consulting firm in Poughkeepsie, New York. "In my experience, people who dislike math often shine in careers that require good interpersonal communication skills, such as writing and engaging verbally with people," she says. "You will find them in the helping professions, sales profession, media, customer service, law, and more." Interested in learning more about jobs that don't require tallying up totals or punching in numbers? Read on to discover five math-free careers.

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