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Computer and Information Research Scientists

Computer and Information Research Scientists

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Computer and Information Research Scientists Description

Conduct research into fundamental computer and information science as theorists, designers, or inventors. Develop solutions to problems in the field of computer hardware and software.

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Applications Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, Bioinformatics Software Engineer, Computational Linguist, Computational Theory Scientist, Computer Engineer, Computer Science Professor, Computer Scientist, Control System Computer Scientist, Engineering Director, Information Scientist, Nanotechnologist, Programmer, Programming Methodology and Languages Researcher, Scientific Programmer Analyst, Software Development Engineer, Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Systems Engineer, Systems Programmer,

Computer and Information Research Scientists Related Careers
Computer and Information Research Scientists Tasks
Core Tasks
  • Analyze problems to develop solutions involving computer hardware and software.
  • Assign or schedule tasks in order to meet work priorities and goals.
  • Develop performance standards, and evaluate work in light of established standards.
  • Evaluate project plans and proposals to assess feasibility issues.
  • Apply theoretical expertise and innovation to create or apply new technology, such as adapting principles for applying computers to new uses.
  • Consult with users, management, vendors, and technicians to determine computing needs and system requirements.
  • Meet with managers, vendors, and others to solicit cooperation and resolve problems.
  • Conduct logical analyses of business, scientific, engineering, and other technical problems, formulating mathematical models of problems for solution by computers.
  • Develop and interpret organizational goals, policies, and procedures.
  • Participate in staffing decisions and direct training of subordinates.
Supplemental Tasks
  • Design computers and the software that runs them.
  • Maintain network hardware and software, direct network security measures, and monitor networks to ensure availability to system users.
  • Participate in multidisciplinary projects in areas such as virtual reality, human-computer interaction, or robotics.
  • Approve, prepare, monitor, and adjust operational budgets.
  • Direct daily operations of departments, coordinating project activities with other departments.

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