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Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration

Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration
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Leading Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration Schools
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School   (degrees awarded)
University of Phoenix-Online Campus   (2144 Bachelors degrees)
CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice   (893 Bachelors degrees)
Colorado Technical University-Online   (459 Bachelors degrees)
Arizona State University   (382 Bachelors degrees)
Western Illinois University   (347 Bachelors degrees)
Union Institute & University   (328 Bachelors degrees)
Columbia College   (321 Bachelors degrees)
Pennsylvania State University (Penn State)   (278 Bachelors degrees)
Monroe College-Main Campus   (273 Bachelors degrees)
Virginia Commonwealth University   (223 Bachelors degrees)
University of Massachusetts-Lowell   (214 Bachelors degrees)
Park University   (212 Bachelors degrees)
University of New Haven   (207 Bachelors degrees)
Eastern Kentucky University   (205 Bachelors degrees)
University of South Carolina-Columbia   (185 Bachelors degrees)
The University of Texas-Pan American   (179 Bachelors degrees)
Michigan State University   (178 Bachelors degrees)
Nassau Community College   (174 Associates degrees)
CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice   (170 Masters degrees)
Hudson Valley Community College   (167 Associates degrees)
Grand Valley State University   (167 Bachelors degrees)
ITT Technical Institute-Indianapolis   (161 Associates degrees)
Kean University   (152 Bachelors degrees)
University of Central Missouri   (151 Bachelors degrees)
Colorado Technical University-Online   (148 Masters degrees)
University of Louisville   (141 Bachelors degrees)
University of Phoenix-Southern California Campus   (136 Bachelors degrees)
Universidad Del Este   (134 Bachelors degrees)
Erie Community College   (131 Associates degrees)
Middle Tennessee State University   (131 Bachelors degrees)
Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration Description

A program that prepares individuals to apply theories and practices of organization management and criminal justice to the administration of public law enforcement agencies and operations. Includes instruction in law enforcement history and theory, operational command leadership, administration of public police organizations, labor relations, incident response strategies, legal and regulatory responsibilities, budgeting, public relations, and organizational leadership.

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