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Database Administrators

Database Administrators

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Database Administrators Description

Administer, test, and implement computer databases, applying knowledge of database management systems. Coordinate changes to computer databases. May plan, coordinate, and implement security measures to safeguard computer databases.

Database Administrators Related Job Titles

Automatic Data Processing Planner (ADP Planner), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Computer Architect, Data Administrator, Data Architect, Data Base Design Analyst, Data Center Manager, Data Management Associate, Data Management Information Technology Specialist, Data Miner, Data Modeler, Data Modeling Specialist, Data Recovery Planner, Data Storage Specialist, Data Warehouse Architect, Data Warehousing Engineer, Database Administration Associate, Database Administration Manager, Database Administrator (DBA), Database Analyst, Database Coordinator, Database Design Analyst, Database Designer, Database Developer, Database Engineer, Database Management System Specialist (DBMS Specialist), Database Manager, Database Modeler, Database Programmer, Database Security Administrator, Database Software Technician, Database Specialist, Database Technician, Database Tester, Databases Computer Consultant, Databases Software Consultant, DBMS Specialist, Information Architect, Information Engineer, Information Scientist, Information Systems Administrator, Information Systems Manager, Information Technology Administrator (IT Administrator), Information Technology Analyst (IT Analyst), Internet Database Specialist, Knowledge Architect, Management Information Systems Director (MIS Director), Network Administrator, Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle DBA), Oracle Developer, Picture Archiving and Communication Systems Administrator (PACS Administrator), Programmer Analyst, Systems Administrator, Systems Analyst, Systems Manager, Technical Support Manager,

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Database Administrators Tasks
Core Tasks
  • Modify existing databases and database management systems or direct programmers and analysts to make changes.
  • Plan, coordinate and implement security measures to safeguard information in computer files against accidental or unauthorized damage, modification or disclosure.
  • Work as part of a project team to coordinate database development and determine project scope and limitations.
  • Write and code logical and physical database descriptions and specify identifiers of database to management system or direct others in coding descriptions.
  • Approve, schedule, plan, and supervise the installation and testing of new products and improvements to computer systems such as the installation of new databases.
  • Develop standards and guidelines to guide the use and acquisition of software and to protect vulnerable information.
  • Review procedures in database management system manuals for making changes to database.
  • Develop data model describing data elements and how they are used, following procedures and using pen, template or computer software.
  • Select and enter codes to monitor database performance and to create production database.
  • Test programs or databases, correct errors and make necessary modifications.
  • Train users and answer questions.
  • Specify users and user access levels for each segment of database.
  • Review project requests describing database user needs to estimate time and cost required to accomplish project.
  • Develop methods for integrating different products so they work properly together such as customizing commercial databases to fit specific needs.
Supplemental Tasks
  • Establish and calculate optimum values for database parameters, using manuals and calculator.
  • Revise company definition of data as defined in data dictionary.
  • Review workflow charts developed by programmer analyst to understand tasks computer will perform, such as updating records.
  • Identify and evaluate industry trends in database systems to serve as a source of information and advice for upper management.

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