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DeVry University-California

DeVry University-California

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DeVry University-California is a mid sized (under 10,000 students) private for profit, 4 year or above school located in the Western States in a mid-size city setting. The highest degree offered is a Bachelor's degree and the school is comprised of a high level of undergraduates. The most popular areas of study at DeVry University-California include: Business Administration, Management and Operations, Other with 634 Bachelors awards; Business Administration and Management, General with 250 Bachelors awards; Computer Systems Analysis/Analyst with 82 Bachelors awards; Computer Software Engineering with 76 Bachelors awards; Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering Technology/Technician with 68 Associates awards;. DeVry University-California is located at 901 Corporate Center Dr in Pomona, CA 91768.

DeVry University-California Facts

DeVry University-California is located at 901 Corporate Center Dr in Pomona, CA 91768

Total Applicants: 2,402
Percent Admitted: 83%
Graduation Rate: 32%
Retention Rate: 60%
Undergrads Between 18 - 24: 40%
Undergrads Between 25 - 64: 60%

DeVry University-California telephone number: (909) 622-8866

DeVry University-California is also known as DeVry University-Alhambra , DeVry University-Anaheim , DeVry University-Bakersfield , DeVry University-Colton , DeVry University-Daly City , DeVry University-Fremont , DeVry University-Fresno , DeVry University-Long Beach , DeVry University-Oakland , DeVry University-Oxnard , DeVry University-Palmdale , DeVry University-Pomona , DeVry University-Sacramento , DeVry University-San Diego , DeVry University-San Jose , DeVry University-Sherman Oaks

The highest degree offered is: Bachelor's degree

DeVry University-California Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees: $15,915

Admissions stats for DeVry University-California

You have a 83% chance to get into DeVry University-California so don't blow it!

Student Demographics at DeVry University-California
DeVry University-California Demographics
Totals: 1,476
     Males: 946 (64% of total)
     Females: 530 (36% of total)
Asians: 285
     Asian Males: 193 (13% of total)
     Asian Females: 92 (6% of total)
Blacks: 172
     Black Males: 93 (6% of total)
     Black Females: 79 (5% of total)
Hispanics: 432
     Hispanic Males: 281 (19% of total)
     Hispanic Females: 151 (10% of total)
Native Americans: 9
     Native American Males: 2 (0% of total)
     Native American Females: 7 (0% of total)
Hawaiians: 33
     Hawaiian Males: 21 (1% of total)
     Hawaiian Females: 12 (1% of total)
Mixed Race: 18
     Mixed Race Males: 12 (1% of total)
     Mixed Race Females: 6 (0% of total)
Whites: 478
     White Males: 318 (22% of total)
     White Females: 160 (11% of total)
Foreign Students: 12
     Foreign Males: 8 (1% of total)
     Foreign Females: 4 (0% of total)
Most Popular Majors at DeVry University-California
DeVry University-California Weather
DeVry University-California Avg Annual Weather
Average Temperature: 65.10 (Fahrenheit)
Average Precipitation: 21.56 (inches of rain)
Umbrella Days: 26.07 (days you might need an umbrella)
Average Snowfall: 0.03 (inches of snow)
Snow Days: 0.00 (days with 1 inch of snow on the ground)
Average Humidity: 82.60 (% humidity)
Average Windspeed: 13.15 (mph)
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What's the best feature of DeVry University-California?
 Low Off-Campus Dining Cost
 Proximity to Town
 Parties and Partying
 Lots of Sun
 Flexible Curriculums
 Fast Internet
 Creative/Artsy Guys

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