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Eligibility Interviewers, Government Programs

Eligibility Interviewers, Government Programs

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Eligibility Interviewers, Government Programs Description

Determine eligibility of persons applying to receive assistance from government programs and agency resources, such as welfare, unemployment benefits, social security, and public housing.

Eligibility Interviewers, Government Programs Related Job Titles

Business Employment Specialist, Career Consultant, Case Worker, Claims Deputy, Client Services Representative, Contact Agent, Contact Officer, Contact Representative, Disability Coordinator, Disability Specialist, Eligibility and Occupancy Interviewer, Eligibility Clerk, Eligibility Specialist, Eligibility Technician, Eligibility Worker, Employment Adjudicator, Employment and Claims Aide, Employment Specialist, Enrollment Coordinator, Enrollment Counselor, Family Case Coordinator, Family Independence Case Manager, Grant Manager, Grant Officer, Grants Administrator, Housing Counselor, Intake Clerk, Intake Specialist, Job Service Consultant, Licensed Social Worker, Medicare Interviewer, Patient Resources and Reimbursement Agent, Patient Services Assistant, Placement Secretary, Public Assistance Caseworker, Public Housing Interviewer, Rehabilitation Clerk, Rehabilitation Inspector, Social Security Benefits Interviewer, Tenant Selector, Transition Specialist, Unemployment Benefits Claims Taker, Unemployment Examiner, Unemployment Inspector, Veteran Service Officer (VSO), Veterans Employment Representative, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Welfare Eligibility Interviewer, Welfare Eligibility Worker, Welfare Interviewer, Work Force Advisor, Workforce Services Representative (WSR),

Eligibility Interviewers, Government Programs Related Careers
Eligibility Interviewers, Government Programs Tasks
Core Tasks
  • Initiate procedures to grant, modify, deny, or terminate assistance, or refer applicants to other agencies for assistance.
  • Compile, record, and evaluate personal and financial data in order to verify completeness and accuracy, and to determine eligibility status.
  • Check with employers or other references to verify answers and obtain further information.
  • Keep records of assigned cases, and prepare required reports.
  • Prepare applications and forms for applicants for such purposes as school enrollment, employment, and medical services.
  • Provide social workers with pertinent information gathered during applicant interviews.
  • Answer applicants' questions about benefits and claim procedures.
  • Interview benefits recipients at specified intervals to certify their eligibility for continuing benefits.
  • Interpret and explain information such as eligibility requirements, application details, payment methods, and applicants' legal rights.
  • Interview and investigate applicants for public assistance to gather information pertinent to their applications.
  • Schedule benefits claimants for adjudication interviews to address questions of eligibility.
  • Refer applicants to job openings or to interviews with other staff, in accordance with administrative guidelines or office procedures.
Supplemental Tasks
  • Compute and authorize amounts of assistance for programs such as grants, monetary payments, and food stamps.
  • Monitor the payments of benefits throughout the duration of a claim.
  • Provide applicants with assistance in completing application forms such as those for job referrals or unemployment compensation claims.
  • Investigate claimants for the possibility of fraud or abuse.
  • Conduct annual, interim, and special housing reviews and home visits to ensure conformance to regulations.

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