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Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies
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Leading Environmental Studies Schools
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School   (degrees awarded)
University of California-Santa Cruz   (257 Bachelors degrees)
University of California-Santa Barbara   (246 Bachelors degrees)
University of California-Berkeley   (242 Bachelors degrees)
University of Colorado Boulder   (181 Bachelors degrees)
University of Vermont   (120 Bachelors degrees)
Webster University   (115 Masters degrees)
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor   (106 Bachelors degrees)
Columbia Southern University   (98 Bachelors degrees)
Western Washington University   (98 Bachelors degrees)
American Public University System   (90 Masters degrees)
University of Oregon   (87 Bachelors degrees)
University of Washington-Seattle Campus   (80 Bachelors degrees)
University of Utah   (71 Bachelors degrees)
Ashford University   (69 Bachelors degrees)
SUNY at Binghamton   (67 Bachelors degrees)
Rutgers University-New Brunswick   (58 Bachelors degrees)
Appalachian State University   (56 Bachelors degrees)
University of Kansas   (56 Bachelors degrees)
Warren Wilson College   (55 Bachelors degrees)
Middlebury College   (51 Bachelors degrees)
Eckerd College   (48 Bachelors degrees)
Iowa State University   (47 Bachelors degrees)
University of California-San Diego   (47 Bachelors degrees)
The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey   (46 Bachelors degrees)
Virginia Commonwealth University   (45 Bachelors degrees)
Texas A & M University-College Station   (44 Bachelors degrees)
Washington University in St Louis   (43 Bachelors degrees)
Temple University   (43 Bachelors degrees)
Florida Gulf Coast University   (42 Bachelors degrees)
Florida International University   (41 Bachelors degrees)
Environmental Studies Description

A program that focuses on environment-related issues using scientific, social scientific, or humanistic approaches or a combination. Includes instruction in the basic principles of ecology and environmental science and related subjects such as policy, politics, law, economics, social aspects, planning, pollution control, natural resources, and the interactions of human beings and nature.

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