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Leading General Studies Schools
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School   (degrees awarded)
Houston Community College   (2864 Associates degrees)
Central Texas College   (2183 Associates degrees)
Salt Lake Community College   (1968 Associates degrees)
Northern Virginia Community College   (1408 Associates degrees)
Brigham Young University-Idaho   (1177 Associates degrees)
Weber State University   (1172 Associates degrees)
Macomb Community College   (1059 Associates degrees)
Richland College   (1050 Associates degrees)
Utah Valley University   (966 Associates degrees)
North Lake College   (932 Associates degrees)
Central New Mexico Community College   (931 Associates degrees)
Portland Community College   (905 Associates degrees)
University of Phoenix-Online Campus   (903 Associates degrees)
Dixie State University   (891 Associates degrees)
Washtenaw Community College   (865 Award < 1Yr degrees)
Columbia College   (850 Associates degrees)
Utah State University   (817 Associates degrees)
Colorado Technical University-Online   (779 Associates degrees)
San Jacinto Community College   (711 Associates degrees)
American Public University System   (703 Associates degrees)
Northwestern State University of Louisiana   (700 Associates degrees)
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College   (633 Associates degrees)
Suffolk County Community College   (631 Associates degrees)
Ivy Tech Community College   (619 Associates degrees)
Community College of Rhode Island   (606 Associates degrees)
John C Calhoun State Community College   (583 Associates degrees)
Laredo Community College   (545 Associates degrees)
Collin County Community College District   (536 Associates degrees)
Eastfield College   (533 Associates degrees)
Ocean County College   (505 Associates degrees)
General Studies Description

An undifferentiated program that includes instruction in the general arts, general science, or unstructured studies.

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