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Leading Gerontology Schools
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School   (degrees awarded)
Portland Community College   (51 Award < 1Yr degrees)
University of Southern California   (50 Masters degrees)
University of South Florida-Main Campus   (42 Bachelors degrees)
University of Massachusetts-Boston   (34 Masters degrees)
Capella University   (33 Masters degrees)
San Francisco State University   (26 Masters degrees)
San Diego State University   (23 Bachelors degrees)
Greenville Technical College   (21 Award < 1Yr degrees)
Bethune-Cookman University   (18 Bachelors degrees)
University of Utah   (18 Post Masters certificate degrees)
Portland Community College   (17 Associates degrees)
California State University-Sacramento   (17 Bachelors degrees)
Ohio University-Main Campus   (16 Award < 1Yr degrees)
Webster University   (16 Masters degrees)
University of Toledo   (15 Postbaccalaureate certificate degrees)
University of Puerto Rico-Medical Sciences   (15 Postbaccalaureate certificate degrees)
University of Nebraska at Omaha   (15 Postbaccalaureate certificate degrees)
Universal Technology College of Puerto Rico   (14 Award > 1Yr < 2Yr degrees)
California State University-Fullerton   (14 Masters degrees)
University of Louisiana-Monroe   (14 Masters degrees)
Aiken Technical College   (13 Award < 1Yr degrees)
Eastern Michigan University   (13 Postbaccalaureate certificate degrees)
Barton College   (13 Bachelors degrees)
Bowling Green State University-Main Campus   (12 Bachelors degrees)
University of Northern Iowa   (12 Bachelors degrees)
University of Utah   (12 Masters degrees)
The University of Tennessee   (12 Postbaccalaureate certificate degrees)
CUNY York College   (12 Bachelors degrees)
Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus   (12 Post Masters certificate degrees)
Abilene Christian University   (12 Award < 1Yr degrees)
Gerontology Description

A program that focuses on the human aging process and aged human populations, using the knowledge and methodologies of the social sciences, psychology and the biological and health sciences.

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