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Harvard University is a very large (over 20,000 students) private, not for profit, 4 year or above school located in New England in a mid-size city setting. The highest degree offered is a Doctor's degree and the school is comprised of a majority of graduates and or professionals. The most popular areas of study at Harvard University include: Business/Commerce, General with 881 Masters awards; Education, General with 635 Masters awards; Law with 589 PhD professional practice awards; Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities, Other with 484 Masters awards; Public Administration with 355 Masters awards;. Harvard University is located at Massachusetts Hall in Cambridge, MA 2138.

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Harvard University Facts

Harvard University is located at Massachusetts Hall in Cambridge, MA 2138

Total Applicants: 34,216
Percent Admitted: 6%
Dorm Capacity: 12,993
Graduation Rate: 97%
Retention Rate: 97%
Undergrads Under 18: 2%
Undergrads Between 18 - 24: 92%
Undergrads Between 25 - 64: 6%

Harvard University telephone number: (617) 495-1000

The highest degree offered is: Doctor's degree - research/scholarship and professional practice

Harvard University Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees: $39,966
Total Cost In State: $57,050
Total Cost Out of State: $57,050

Admissions stats for Harvard University

You basically won't get into Harvard University so don't even bother. Probably not what you wanted to hear, right? There are 34,216 applicants and only 6% get admitted.

Student Demographics at Harvard University
Harvard University Demographics
Totals: 7,277
     Males: 3,662 (50% of total)
     Females: 3,615 (50% of total)
Asians: 941
     Asian Males: 415 (6% of total)
     Asian Females: 526 (7% of total)
Blacks: 387
     Black Males: 171 (2% of total)
     Black Females: 216 (3% of total)
Hispanics: 400
     Hispanic Males: 189 (3% of total)
     Hispanic Females: 211 (3% of total)
Native Americans: 24
     Native American Males: 11 (0% of total)
     Native American Females: 13 (0% of total)
Hawaiians: 4
     Hawaiian Males: 2 (0% of total)
     Hawaiian Females: 2 (0% of total)
Mixed Race: 144
     Mixed Race Males: 60 (1% of total)
     Mixed Race Females: 84 (1% of total)
Whites: 3,164
     White Males: 1,577 (22% of total)
     White Females: 1,587 (22% of total)
Foreign Students: 1,701
     Foreign Males: 956 (13% of total)
     Foreign Females: 745 (10% of total)
Most Popular Majors at Harvard University
Area of Study  (degrees awarded)
Business/Commerce, General
(881 Masters degrees)
Education, General
(635 Masters degrees)
(589 PhD professional practice degrees)
Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities, Other
(484 Masters degrees)
Public Administration
(355 Masters degrees)
Public Health, General
(273 Masters degrees)
Public Policy Analysis, General
(231 Masters degrees)
Economics, General
(213 Bachelors degrees)
Advanced Legal Research/Studies, General
(179 Masters degrees)
Political Science and Government, General
(177 Bachelors degrees)
(154 PhD professional practice degrees)
Public Health, Other
(153 Masters degrees)
Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities, Other
(149 Bachelors degrees)
(104 Masters degrees)
Theology/Theological Studies
(89 Masters degrees)
Psychology, General
(88 Bachelors degrees)
Social Sciences, General
(85 Bachelors degrees)
Neurobiology and Anatomy
(85 Bachelors degrees)
Public Health, Other
(67 PhD research/scholarship degrees)
English Language and Literature, General
(67 Bachelors degrees)
History, General
(65 Bachelors degrees)
(58 Bachelors degrees)
Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology
(58 Bachelors degrees)
Physics, General
(51 PhD research/scholarship degrees)
City/Urban, Community and Regional Planning
(50 Masters degrees)
Applied Mathematics, General
(49 Bachelors degrees)
Engineering Science
(49 Bachelors degrees)
Environmental Design/Architecture
(48 Masters degrees)
Landscape Architecture
(47 Masters degrees)
History, Other
(46 Bachelors degrees)
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