How to get the most out of Future That! is designed to help you find useful information about all the things that impact your future. It's just a start... we're working hard to add more features that will help you organize your career path and make better choices.

Here is a summary of the things you can do on Future That!

Colleges: Future That has a list of all colleges and Universities in the United States. You can browse all kinds of funny college lists and interesting college lists. You can see which colleges have the highest application fees. Even something as specific as 2 year colleges with dorms or colleges with the highest rated professors. While you can waste lots of time looking at all the college lists we have (most beautiful college campuses, or famous college dropouts), you can find any school by name. Just click on Colleges from the navigation above and start typing when you see the search box.

Find Colleges and Universities By Name

You can also find all schools by area of study under 'advanced search'. Just start typing in the name of the study... say engineering and whala, you get an instant list of all schools offering the specific area of study you click on. There are a bunch of other ways to find schools, all using "so called" advanced search. You can find all schools in a state, for example, or 3 states or as many states as you want. Say, you want all colleges in Arkansas. That's easy. say you wanted all colleges offering an Associates Degree in Arkansas. Or, how about LARGE schools in Texas in Urban City settings? Yup, you can find that on Future That. Get the idea? Good.

For each school, college or university listed, we're working hard to show you all the important information you might need... Like general information about the college including tuition, admissions stats, student demographics and even the most popular majors. You can also look at the average annual weather patterns for that school in case you're afraid of snow or don't like too much rain. Speaking of temperature... If you need to attend a school with the hottest girls or the hottest guys you can find some lists on that too. We also group, or at least we try, major college systems such as the University of South Carolina System or the UC System. We're starting to add some articles covering a whole range of topics from dealing with bad grades and doing a transferring from one college to another.

College Majors and Studies: Ok, now... if you're heading to college, what are you going to study? We've got lots of interesting lists on various college degrees like degrees that pay the most and college majors with very low unemployment. You get the idea, right? It's exactly like the college section on the site. We have great lists about college majors. We have a search box to find any college major. We also link any major to all the top schools offering that major. So, if you were going to study aerospace engineering, you'd see that Embry Riddle in Daytona Beach is the number 1 school in the country in terms of aerospace engineering degrees. For the true geeks and nerds, we even have a list of colleges offering courses in Second Life.

Careers and Occupations: So, when you're browsing a college major or area of study like golf course operation and grounds management you can see a list of related occupations. Here, you'll find a ton of careers and occupations from green jobs to jobs where you have to stand all day or occupations that have some of the highest number of new jobs. Again. this section is similar to Colleges and Majors. You can browse lists of occupations. You can search any occupation by name or you look at all the detail for a specific career.

Tutors and Tutoring: Ok, so maybe you're still in high school or college and need a Chemistry Tutor or you need tutoring for the MCAT exam. Basically, you can find a tutor on just about any subject including dance, yoga and baseball. Try out our powerful Tutor Search system and let us know what you think. Just enter your zip code if our system doesn't figure it out automatically and the subject area you need help with.

Jobs: At the end of all of this... you know, high school, college and maybe even grad school, you're going to need a job to pay for it all. Fortunately, Future That has you covered here too. You can search for any type of job. Say, you're looking for PHP Jobs in Los Angeles or nanny jobs in San Francisco, California, you should be able to find just about any job posting that is open.

More to come so stay tuned... Thank you.

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