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Medical Scientists, Except Epidemiologists

Medical Scientists, Except Epidemiologists

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Medical Scientists, Except Epidemiologists Description

Conduct research dealing with the understanding of human diseases and the improvement of human health. Engage in clinical investigation, research and development, or other related activities. Includes physicians, dentists, public health specialists, pharmacologists, and medical pathologists who primarily conduct research.

Medical Scientists, Except Epidemiologists Related Job Titles

Anatomist, Associate Director, Experimental Medicine, Cancer Researcher, Chemotherapist, Clinical Analyst, Clinical Director, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Clinical Pharmacologist, Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Research Director, Clinical Research Scientist, Clinical Researcher, Cytologist, Director Multiple Sclerosis Center, Director of Laboratory Operations, Director of Preclinical Research, Director of Research, Director, Clinical Pharmacology, Director, Experimental Medicine, Director, Metabolism, Drug Safety Scientist, Endocrinologist, Gerontologist, Good Laboratory Practice In Vitro Study Director (GLP In Vitro Study Director), Histologist, Histopathologist, Immunochemist, Industrial Pharmacist, Investigator, Laboratory Coordinator, Laboratory Director, Lead Scientist, MD Senior Research Scientist, Medical Health Researcher, Medical Physicist, Medical Research Scientist, Medical Researcher, Medical Scientist, Nanotechnologist, Neurophysiologist, Neuroscientist, Neurosurgery Research Director, Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist, Parasitologist, Pesticide Use Medical Coordinator, Pharmaceutical Botanist, Pharmacognosist, Pharmacologist, Pharmacometrician, Pharmacovigilance Safety Expert, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Principal Investigator, Protein Purification Scientist, Research Assistant Member, Research Associate, Research Group Director, Research Scientist, Scientific Director, Scientist, Senior Research Scientist, Senior Scientist, Serologist, Toxicologist,

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Medical Scientists, Except Epidemiologists Tasks
Core Tasks
  • Plan and direct studies to investigate human or animal disease, preventive methods, and treatments for disease.
  • Conduct research to develop methodologies, instrumentation, and procedures for medical application, analyzing data and presenting findings to the scientific audience and general public.
  • Evaluate effects of drugs, gases, pesticides, parasites, and microorganisms at various levels.
  • Study animal and human health and physiological processes.
  • Follow strict safety procedures when handling toxic materials to avoid contamination.
  • Write and publish articles in scientific journals.
Supplemental Tasks
  • Use equipment such as atomic absorption spectrometers, electron microscopes, flow cytometers, and chromatography systems.
  • Investigate cause, progress, life cycle, or mode of transmission of diseases or parasites.
  • Prepare and analyze organ, tissue, and cell samples to identify toxicity, bacteria, or microorganisms or to study cell structure.
  • Standardize drug dosages, methods of immunization, and procedures for manufacture of drugs and medicinal compounds.
  • Consult with and advise physicians, educators, researchers, and others regarding medical applications of physics, biology, and chemistry.
  • Teach principles of medicine and medical and laboratory procedures to physicians, residents, students, and technicians.
  • Confer with health departments, industry personnel, physicians, and others to develop health safety standards and public health improvement programs.

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