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Midwestern University-Glendale

Midwestern University-Glendale

Midwestern University-Glendale is a small (under 5,000 students) private, not for profit, 4 year or above school located in the Southwest in a mid-size city setting. The highest degree offered is a Doctor's degree and the school is comprised of a majority of graduates and or professionals. The most popular areas of study at Midwestern University-Glendale include: Osteopathic Medicine/Osteopathy with 226 PhD professional practice awards; Pharmacy with 128 PhD professional practice awards; Advanced General Dentistry with 110 PhD professional practice awards; Physician Assistant with 92 Masters awards; Biomedical Sciences, General with 83 Masters awards;. Midwestern University-Glendale is located at 19555 N 59th Ave in Glendale, AZ 85308.

Midwestern University-Glendale Facts

Midwestern University-Glendale is located at 19555 N 59th Ave in Glendale, AZ 85308

Dorm Capacity: 318

Midwestern University-Glendale telephone number: (623) 572-3200

The highest degree offered is: Doctor's degree - professional practice

Midwestern University-Glendale Tuition and Fees

Student Demographics at Midwestern University-Glendale
Midwestern University-Glendale Demographics
Totals: 757
     Males: 377 (50% of total)
     Females: 380 (50% of total)
Asians: 121
     Asian Males: 53 (7% of total)
     Asian Females: 68 (9% of total)
Blacks: 13
     Black Males: 6 (1% of total)
     Black Females: 7 (1% of total)
Hispanics: 33
     Hispanic Males: 17 (2% of total)
     Hispanic Females: 16 (2% of total)
Native Americans: 1
     Native American Males: 0 (0% of total)
     Native American Females: 1 (0% of total)
Hawaiians: 7
     Hawaiian Males: 5 (1% of total)
     Hawaiian Females: 2 (0% of total)
Mixed Race: 12
     Mixed Race Males: 10 (1% of total)
     Mixed Race Females: 2 (0% of total)
Whites: 516
     White Males: 257 (34% of total)
     White Females: 259 (34% of total)
Foreign Students: 19
     Foreign Males: 7 (1% of total)
     Foreign Females: 12 (2% of total)
Most Popular Majors at Midwestern University-Glendale
Area of Study  (degrees awarded)
Osteopathic Medicine/Osteopathy
(226 PhD professional practice degrees)
(128 PhD professional practice degrees)
Advanced General Dentistry
(110 PhD professional practice degrees)
Physician Assistant
(92 Masters degrees)
Biomedical Sciences, General
(83 Masters degrees)
Podiatric Medicine/Podiatry
(33 PhD professional practice degrees)
Occupational Therapy/Therapist
(29 Masters degrees)
Nurse Anesthetist
(20 Masters degrees)
Perfusion Technology/Perfusionist
(20 Masters degrees)
Clinical Psychology
(11 Masters degrees)
Clinical Psychology
(5 PhD professional practice degrees)
Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences, Other
(1 Masters degrees)
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What's the best feature of Midwestern University-Glendale?
 Ability to Find a Job After
 Liberal Campus
 Greek Organizations
 Religious Guys
 Network Reliability
 Smart Professors
 Big Party Atmosphere

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