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Nursing Practice
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Leading Nursing Practice Schools
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School   (degrees awarded)
Wilmington University   (165 Bachelors degrees)
Moraine Park Technical College   (134 Award < 1Yr degrees)
Liberty Technical College   (129 Award > 1Yr < 2Yr degrees)
Ashland University   (113 Bachelors degrees)
Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science   (97 Masters degrees)
Brenau University   (96 Bachelors degrees)
MGH Institute of Health Professions   (95 Bachelors degrees)
University of Rio Grande   (92 Associates degrees)
Aria Health School of Nursing   (85 Award >= 2Yr < 4Yr degrees)
Moraine Park Technical College   (84 Award > 1Yr < 2Yr degrees)
Virginia Commonwealth University   (82 Masters degrees)
Dewey University-Carolina Campus   (77 Award > 1Yr < 2Yr degrees)
Rutgers University-Newark   (74 Masters degrees)
The University of Alabama   (69 PhD professional practice degrees)
Everest College-Ontario Metro   (68 Associates degrees)
Trinity Washington University   (63 Bachelors degrees)
University of Alabama at Birmingham   (61 PhD professional practice degrees)
Everest College-Anaheim   (54 Award > 1Yr < 2Yr degrees)
Eastern University   (47 Bachelors degrees)
University of Connecticut   (46 Masters degrees)
Virginia College-Birmingham   (45 Associates degrees)
Texas Christian University   (45 PhD professional practice degrees)
Rush University   (42 PhD professional practice degrees)
Case Western Reserve University   (42 PhD professional practice degrees)
Franklin Pierce University   (40 Bachelors degrees)
University of Miami   (39 PhD professional practice degrees)
University of Florida   (35 PhD professional practice degrees)
University of South Alabama   (34 Post Masters certificate degrees)
Vanderbilt University   (33 PhD professional practice degrees)
Everest University-Brandon   (31 Associates degrees)
Nursing Practice Description

A practice-focused program that prepares registered nurses for increasingly complex evidence-based nursing practice, including translating research into practice, evaluating evidence, applying research in decision-making, and implementing viable clinical innovations to change practice. Includes instruction in healthcare delivery systems, health economics and finance, health policy, research methods, translating evidence into practice, concepts in population health, and nursing leadership.

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