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Sales Agents, Securities and Commodities

Sales Agents, Securities and Commodities

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Sales Agents, Securities and Commodities Description

Buy and sell securities in investment and trading firms and develop and implement financial plans for individuals, businesses, and organizations.

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Sales Agents, Securities and Commodities Tasks
Core Tasks
  • Complete sales order tickets and submit for processing of client-requested transactions.
  • Prepare documents needed to implement plans selected by clients.
  • Relay buy or sell orders to securities exchanges or to firm trading departments.
  • Identify potential clients, using advertising campaigns, mailing lists, or personal contacts.
  • Review financial periodicals, stock and bond reports, business publications, or other material to identify potential investments for clients or to keep abreast of trends affecting market conditions.
  • Analyze market conditions to determine optimum times to execute securities transactions.
  • Explain stock market terms or trading practices to clients.
  • Calculate costs for billings or commissions.
  • Interview clients to determine clients' assets, liabilities, cash flow, insurance coverage, tax status, or financial objectives.
  • Record transactions accurately, and keep clients informed about transactions.
  • Develop financial plans based on analysis of clients' financial status, and discuss financial options with clients.
  • Review all securities transactions to ensure accuracy of information and conformance to governing agency regulations.
  • Offer advice on the purchase or sale of particular securities.
  • Contact prospective customers to determine customer needs, present information, or explain available services.
  • Inform and advise concerned parties regarding fluctuations or securities transactions affecting plans or accounts.
  • Supply the latest price quotes on any security, as well as information on the activities or financial positions of the corporations issuing these securities.
  • Prepare financial reports to monitor client or corporate finances.
Supplemental Tasks
  • Read corporate reports and calculate ratios to determine best prospects for profit on stock purchases and to monitor client accounts.

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