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Social Science Teacher Education

Social Science Teacher Education
Leading Social Science Teacher Education Schools
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School   (degrees awarded)
University of Central Florida   (60 Bachelors degrees)
Florida State University   (51 Bachelors degrees)
University of South Florida-Main Campus   (42 Bachelors degrees)
Western Governors University   (37 Bachelors degrees)
Western Governors University   (31 Masters degrees)
University of Northern Iowa   (28 Bachelors degrees)
Auburn University   (27 Bachelors degrees)
Brigham Young University-Provo   (25 Bachelors degrees)
Florida Atlantic University   (25 Bachelors degrees)
Western Governors University   (25 Postbaccalaureate certificate degrees)
University of Nebraska-Lincoln   (20 Bachelors degrees)
Northwest Missouri State University   (17 Bachelors degrees)
University of Northern Iowa   (16 Masters degrees)
Truman State University   (15 Masters degrees)
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh   (15 Bachelors degrees)
Winona State University   (15 Bachelors degrees)
Stanford University   (13 Masters degrees)
Florida State University   (13 Masters degrees)
University of Central Florida   (12 Masters degrees)
University of South Florida-Main Campus   (12 Masters degrees)
University of North Dakota   (12 Bachelors degrees)
Dickinson State University   (11 Bachelors degrees)
Henderson State University   (11 Bachelors degrees)
Southern Utah University   (11 Bachelors degrees)
Grambling State University   (11 Masters degrees)
University of Utah   (9 Bachelors degrees)
Arkansas State University-Main Campus   (9 Bachelors degrees)
Upper Iowa University   (8 Bachelors degrees)
Chadron State College   (8 Bachelors degrees)
Marywood University   (8 Bachelors degrees)
Social Science Teacher Education Description

A program that prepares individuals to teach specific social science subjects and programs at various educational levels.

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