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Leading Social Sciences, General Schools
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School   (degrees awarded)
Ashford University   (1563 Bachelors degrees)
Tidewater Community College   (850 Associates degrees)
Palomar College   (572 Associates degrees)
Washington State University   (534 Bachelors degrees)
Butte College   (531 Associates degrees)
Northern Virginia Community College   (527 Associates degrees)
East Los Angeles College   (526 Associates degrees)
Santa Rosa Junior College   (484 Associates degrees)
American River College   (473 Associates degrees)
Thomas Edison State College   (435 Bachelors degrees)
Mercy College   (364 Bachelors degrees)
Mt. San Jacinto Community College District   (363 Associates degrees)
Citrus College   (359 Associates degrees)
Sacramento City College   (358 Associates degrees)
Bellevue University   (340 Bachelors degrees)
Portland State University   (334 Bachelors degrees)
San Joaquin Delta College   (333 Associates degrees)
Mt. San Antonio College   (328 Associates degrees)
Michigan State University   (327 Bachelors degrees)
De Anza College   (318 Associates degrees)
University at Buffalo   (299 Bachelors degrees)
Sierra College   (297 Associates degrees)
Brookdale Community College   (290 Associates degrees)
Florida State University   (285 Bachelors degrees)
Tulsa Community College   (243 Associates degrees)
Thomas Nelson Community College   (224 Associates degrees)
Ohlone Community College   (202 Associates degrees)
University of Chicago   (188 Masters degrees)
City College of San Francisco   (186 Associates degrees)
Antelope Valley College   (180 Associates degrees)
Social Sciences, General Description

A program that focuses on the general study of human social behavior and social institutions using any of the methodologies common to the social sciences and/or history, or an undifferentiated program of study in the social sciences.

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