Top All Women's Colleges

Attending a post-secondary college or university has become standard for many people throughout the world. More and more women are attending colleges and there are exclusive college options available to you. For those women who can get accepted and afford to attend these prestigious all women's colleges, an outstanding education and rich social experience will no doubt follow. The below list includes just 5 of the top women's colleges featured on our site. You'd be in good company - smart students, famous alumni and highly ambitious women - to attend any of these women's colleges.

1. Barnard College (New York, NY)

This particular all women's college provides students with the opportunity to learn amongst a smaller population of peers. With a small student body enrolled in the college, Barnard provides a comprehensive and diverse curriculum with the opportunity to experience very high teacher to student learning possibilities. The highest degree available from Barnard College is a Bachelor's degree and it provides four year programs to attendees.

2. Bryn Mawr College (Bryn Mawr, PA)

As another smaller sized, private post-secondary all women's college is Bryn Mawr which provides women with the opportunity to earn degrees as high as a Doctorate degree. This all women's college has been acclaimed for its ample amount of study options such as Social Work, English and Literature, and Anthropology.

3. Mills College (Oakland, CA)

Mills College is an incredibly prestigious all women's college that enables women to earn degrees ranging from a Bachelor's degree to a Doctorate degree. Women who attend Mills College generally find interest in areas of study including Business, Psychology, and Early Childhood Education. As one of the few all women's colleges in the state of California, the selected student body is small and intimate..

4. Mount Holyoke College (Hadley, MA)

The highest degree offered at this all women's college is a Master's degree. Graduates from this college have gone on to achieve great success so it goes with out saying that women who can attend Mount Holyoke are a select few. Similar to the other all women's colleges i this article, Mount Holyoke consists of a small student body and some of the most common degrees conferred include Political Science, Economics, and Biology.

5. Smith College (Northampton, MA)

Another not for profit and private women's college offered in the New England area is Smith College. With the opportunity to earn a Doctorate degree, women who graduate from this school generally find work in various industries including Psychology, Economics, and Social Work. The majority of women who attend Smith College attend to to earn their undergraduate degrees though some graduate and continue earning a higher degree as well. With the ability to earn your undergraduate and graduate degree from the same school, women are able to maintain a high level of education throughout their entire post-secondary schooling experience.

If you feel some important women's colleges are missing from this list, please use the comments section at the bottom of that page and our research department will make any updated as needed.

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