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University of Memphis is a very large (over 20,000 students) public, 4 year or above school located in the Southeast United States in a large city setting. The highest degree offered is a Doctor's degree and the school is comprised of a high level of undergraduates. The most popular areas of study at University of Memphis include: Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, Other with 258 Bachelors awards; Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse with 223 Bachelors awards; Curriculum and Instruction with 178 Masters awards; Psychology, General with 160 Bachelors awards; Business Administration and Management, General with 144 Masters awards;. University of Memphis is located at Southern Avenue in Memphis, TN 38152.

University of Memphis Facts

University of Memphis is located at Southern Avenue in Memphis, TN 38152

Total Applicants: 6,798
Percent Admitted: 62%
Dorm Capacity: 2,557
Graduation Rate: 38%
Retention Rate: 77%
Transfer out Rate: 17%
Undergrads Under 18: 2%
Undergrads Between 18 - 24: 68%
Undergrads Between 25 - 64: 30%

University of Memphis telephone number: (901) 678-2000

The highest degree offered is: Doctor's degree - research/scholarship and professional practice

University of Memphis Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees: $7,904
Total Cost In State: $22,813
Total Cost Out of State: $37,525

Admissions stats for University of Memphis

Your chances are around 62% based on admission statistics for University of Memphis.

Student Demographics at University of Memphis
University of Memphis Demographics
Totals: 4,028
     Males: 1,504 (37% of total)
     Females: 2,524 (63% of total)
Asians: 107
     Asian Males: 49 (1% of total)
     Asian Females: 58 (1% of total)
Blacks: 1,167
     Black Males: 312 (8% of total)
     Black Females: 855 (21% of total)
Hispanics: 80
     Hispanic Males: 26 (1% of total)
     Hispanic Females: 54 (1% of total)
Native Americans: 6
     Native American Males: 3 (0% of total)
     Native American Females: 3 (0% of total)
Hawaiians: 1
     Hawaiian Males: 1 (0% of total)
     Hawaiian Females: 0 (0% of total)
Mixed Race: 51
     Mixed Race Males: 15 (0% of total)
     Mixed Race Females: 36 (1% of total)
Whites: 2,413
     White Males: 1,006 (25% of total)
     White Females: 1,407 (35% of total)
Foreign Students: 144
     Foreign Males: 68 (2% of total)
     Foreign Females: 76 (2% of total)
Most Popular Majors at University of Memphis
Area of Study  (degrees awarded)
Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, Other
(258 Bachelors degrees)
Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse
(223 Bachelors degrees)
Curriculum and Instruction
(178 Masters degrees)
Psychology, General
(160 Bachelors degrees)
Business Administration and Management, General
(144 Masters degrees)
Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies
(139 Bachelors degrees)
(135 PhD professional practice degrees)
(134 Bachelors degrees)
Special Education and Teaching, General
(109 Bachelors degrees)
Junior High/Intermediate/Middle School Education and Teaching
(108 Bachelors degrees)
Business Administration and Management, General
(102 Bachelors degrees)
Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse
(81 Masters degrees)
History, General
(74 Bachelors degrees)
Finance, General
(74 Bachelors degrees)
Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration
(74 Bachelors degrees)
English Language and Literature, General
(71 Bachelors degrees)
(70 Bachelors degrees)
Kinesiology and Exercise Science
(69 Bachelors degrees)
Biology/Biological Sciences, General
(69 Bachelors degrees)
Marketing/Marketing Management, General
(63 Bachelors degrees)
Mass Communication/Media Studies
(61 Bachelors degrees)
Management Information Systems, General
(57 Bachelors degrees)
Social Work
(53 Bachelors degrees)
Art/Art Studies, General
(46 Bachelors degrees)
General Studies
(45 Bachelors degrees)
Foreign Languages and Literatures, General
(43 Bachelors degrees)
International Business/Trade/Commerce
(42 Bachelors degrees)
(41 Bachelors degrees)
Political Science and Government, General
(40 Bachelors degrees)
Sport and Fitness Administration/Management
(38 Bachelors degrees)
University of Memphis Weather
University of Memphis Avg Annual Weather
Average Temperature: 61.20 (Fahrenheit)
Average Precipitation: 52.27 (inches of rain)
Umbrella Days: 72.50 (days you might need an umbrella)
Average Snowfall: 2.25 (inches of snow)
Snow Days: 0.98 (days with 1 inch of snow on the ground)
Average Humidity: 79.61 (% humidity)
Average Windspeed: 19.96 (mph)
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 Registration Process
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 Lots of Sun
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